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For several generations we have been engaged in engraving, jewelry making, sculpting, restoration and the related arts. We are very pleased to offer these traditional skills in our upstate New York location. 

American Woodcock

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About the Artist

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For Sale

On fine firearms, cutlery, jewelry, time pieces & musical instruments, fine engraving elevates a utilitarian object to a work of fine art. 

Through our work we can depict not only scroll and nature scenes but also portraits of loved ones, beloved pets and even dramatic depictions of memorable days in the owner’s life. We transform a common object into the uncommon, a unique and beautiful thing to behold. As I have said over the years, only when our work is captivating, only when you cannot take your eyes away, then we have been successful in expressing our art.

For these reasons the products of our studio become objects to be treasured. They fill important niches in an owner’s life and a family’s history. 

They are comprised of feelings and dreams as much as steel and gold. As such, they are the embodiment of a life well lived. As well, they are a joy to create!

On these pages I will introduce you to our work but, I ask that you not feel confined by our past accomplishments. We are at our best when we are free to be creative! Therefore, while I encourage you to bring us your wishes and dreams for an extraordinary creation, I also wish you to avail yourself of our creative talents. We will make for you an individual work like no other.